Interview with Sara Gavioli

I discovered Sara Gavioli's work one sunny day while reading an article about young Italian illustrators and my eyes got catched immediately by the striking beauty of her graphics. She pays lots of attention to even the smallest detail yet the covers she creates can be also very simple sometimes. Nowadays cover illustrators are not so well known , that's why i think you all should start having a look at her amazing works that surely can make the value of the book she creates the cover for even more important. She's a true artist to me.Here's what we talked about

1-Where were you born and raised? When did you realize illustration was your biggest passion?
I was born in Carpi, nearby Modena, where i grew up. The passion for drawing has been present since the beginning, ma only after finishing the Academy of Arts i approached to illustration for books.

2-When you're working on the illustrations for a book where does the creative process start from?Do you read the book first and then develop the graphics or do the illustrations are directly commissioned to you?
The creative process always starts from an iconographic research, depending on the commission i start looking for landscapes, costumes, places...After that, i try to find a reasonable and clever way to create and solve the illustration. There's usually a lot of freedom of interpretation for children's books, they don't request precise or very detailed works, that's the challenge i guess.

3-I know you have a cat, what's her name and what do you like to do together?
My cat's name is Micia. She's very much present during my working days, she sits on every open book i read, on every drawing, obviously preferring those i'm working on at that moment.

4-I also know you love sewing with your sewing machine, like i do. What's your favorite item to create (skirt, pillows, dresses, etc)?
I very much love hand sewing, but in the last few months i've been creating zipped purses for stationary that i silk-print by myself using my illustrations and here they are: http://www.etsy.com/shop/saragavioli?ref=pr shop more

5-When you draw how do you love to spoil yourself( listening to music, a cup of hot tea, facing a window, eating something....)?
I would say i spoil myself in every possible way! I usually listen to music, drink tea or barley coffee, and my desk is in front of a huge window.

6-Besides being an illustrator you also work in a public library and you're a decorator too.What do you like the most of every single activity among these?
Changing is always stimulating. On a long term, drawing nonstop and by myself on a desk can be tiring, so i like also to be in contact with people, and that's what happens at the library. To be a decorator is the job i studied for, it's stressing, but it allows to express yourself in much bigger spaces than illustration.

7-What do you fancy doing when you're not busy working on illustrations?
I like waking up late and maybe have brunch. I recharge myself by lying under the sun, reading,sewing and i make pins too.

8-What's the most vivid and beautiful memory about your childhood?
The strongest memories are those related to summer days spent at grandparents' house. I used to play a lot in my granpa's garage with my brother, hiding inside tractors that granpa had to fix. The smell of the welder always evokes to me old memories.

9-Among all the book covers you have at home or at work, which one do you find the most fascinating and why?
Chosing is tough, but i find Emiliano Ponzi's covers and works very interesting. He always can make th e point straight and in a clever way.

10-Is there any illustrator you'd love to collaborate with on a project or even just to meet in person?
Emiliano Ponzi and Alessandro Gottardo above all.

11-What's the material you like to use the most while working and the color you prefer?
The materials i prefer are usually linked to engraving, i really love to work with the adigraph and using the scratchboard and silkscreening too, but now, for example, i work a lot using cardboards.

12-Which ones were your favorite book as a kid?
Definitely Bianca Pitzorno's books and Roald Dahl's ones. I had (and still have) the passion for Quentin Blake's illustrations, which i used to color while reading.

13-Is there any part of your house you love more than the others?
I really like balconies. if the weather's nice i try to spend as much time as possible on them.

14-What projects are you working on for the nearest future?
I'm superstitious, so i cannot say that much...i'm working on two books, but i won't say another word!

You can have a look at Sara's work by visiting her website:
or her blog: http://saragavioli.blogspot.it/

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